Caritas Processes Experienced

Caritas – A way of seeing the world

Caritas – The foundation of Human Caring of Humanity

Caritas –  The Holy Grail of Human Caring

Caritas – Latin, “Love of all”

COVID-19 –  Pandemic, disrupting lives and challenging nurses beyond the realm of reason

Caring Science –  Is more than the practice of compassion and kindness

It is Saving Lives and Human Caring
It is paying attention to what matters most to people

It is authenticity, patient choice, care equity
It is health promotion
It is guiding quality living and dying

Jean Watson has a new book, Caring: a passage to Heart   (WCSI)

An anthology of Caritas Processes experienced

I believe 

Nursing is at the fulcrum of the forces
needed to humanize and strengthen
public health and healthcare systems

This book illustrates the forces of nurses in every story

Purchase at WCSI (as linked above) or on Amazon.

See my story, “Authentic Caring Leadership: “I couldn’t until I did” , p.99.

Under Caritas 7,    “Engage in transpersonal teaching-learning-caring relationship and subjective meaning.

Let’s do this everyday, everywhere, with all nurses. 

Ahhhh  🙏

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