Caring Renewal

How caring renewal works ….

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One form of life renews another in a mystical chain of being that keeps life going.

Ideas are retrieved, not created; they come through us, not from us.

Our Social Contract with society places us in our patient’s chain of being,

as an energy source that helps connect and it carries us all ….

“…the immediate remedy for a waning life-force resides in the trust that each part of life affects all the others and that each part has a role to play in keeping the other parts well and functioning. The underlying secret to releasing that remedy seems to be the realization that no living thing is the sole author of its vitality…  life-force flows from one living thing to another.”

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“We need everything and everyone to keep everything going. By helping each other, we can re-enter the strongest currents of life and be carried along. This is how the parts keep the Universe whole, and how the Whole keeps the parts vital.”

“So when feeling weary and out of sorts, the first thing we can do is to see where our connecting points to life are dislodged. This is no different than checking if the plug is cleanly in the socket when the lamp begins to flicker.”

(Nepo, p 109)

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But How

It is said that souls intent

on living will reach deep into

their wound and bring out the

fire living there, which out in

the open turns to light.

It is said that those intent on

making things better will reach

deep into their minds and bring

out the fire there, which out in

the open turns to truth.

It is said that those who love

like rain soothe every fire.                                                                                                                                                (Nepo, p 115.)

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Nepo M. Seven Thousand Ways To Listen; Staying close to what is sacred. New York: Atria Paperback. 2012.

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