High Level Caring Is A Survival Skill – Can It Save Us?


When I started  Saving Nurses … I never thought of it as rescue.

I’m not a big rescuer.

Ask my husband of 44 years and my 2 adult daughters,   they would all agree that they could have used more rescuing in their lives.

Not until several months ago, did I really understand the meaning of Saving Nurses.

I’m not talking about job satisfaction.

I’m talking about nurses experiencing fulfillment in nursing.  This is beyond organizations; this is about nurses and nursing.

Along with all the frustrations and barriers to meaningful work that exist today when working in healthcare,

we know that we are all seeking human connection. 

We know that authentic presence,  authentic caring moments impact both the patient and the nurse in momentary or lasting ways.

And yet …. 

We have not used authentic caring skills as a survival skill.  But it is. 

This is the gift of authentic caring.…  its reciprocal & self-perpetuating nature for nurses.

This high level of caring brings Fulfillment in Nursing for nurses.

These are the mechanics of authentic caring  … it nurtures nurses’ caring capacity through authentic human connection; it is directly aligned with our patients’ expanding caring needs and expectations and has the ability to motivate nurses to remain in nursing by intrinsically rewarding them through their work.

This highest level of caring – Authentic Presence – is life-giving and life-receiving, for both the nurse and patient.

Imagine the POWER of such a mechanism around this active alignment & connection in our midst …..

… that the connection patients are seeking from nurses,

     is the same connection that renews nurses’ commitment to nursing,

This is nursing’s SWEET SPOT within the healthcare chaos.


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