I feel as if I have lived next door to you my entire career.
“I feel as if I have lived next door to you my entire career. … Staying true to your core, not being hypnotized by the drone of agendas, targets, power-struggles, ego, and metrics that often don’t tell the whole truth either (e.g., your story about the survey of top leaders) The impact of these shifty dynamics on healers, healing environments, and quality outcomes are a struggle for any nurse or nurse leader today.  Authentic presence and authentic self, as your describe… are so powerful when trying to make a positive impact in complex and often toxic cultures with competing climates and typically involved senior leaders.  I loved your story, it resonated with me so deeply.”    9/28/2019   Jim D’Alfonso

I picked it up because it was on caring
“I picked it up because it was on caring; I dared to start reading it as it seemed short enough to get through; I resonated with it a lot as your life mimicked mine so much…you could have been writing about me…and then I finished it as I believed you delivered some important and concrete messages.  I really commend you for writing it.”   10/6/2019 Susan Hassmiller

Well written and a touching piece of work.
“Well written and a touching piece of work.”    7/19/2019   Rose Sherman

As a current CEO and nurse, I can relate to Pat’s experiences …
“Pat McClendon has captured the essence of what should be fundamental in healthcare. The foundation of the nursing profession is one of true caring. Changes in the industry over the years has tugged caregivers away from this and Pat brings this to the forefront in a way that makes you continually root for her as she has these “ah-ha” moments during her journey. As a current CEO and nurse, I can relate to Pat’s experiences in so many ways. She communicates her impressive insight and vulnerability in such a wise and thoughtful style. I purchased this book as a gift for my nurse leaders as I wanted them to know that others have experienced similar struggles along their path and came to realize the importance of being true to yourself. Reading Pat’s humanizing story has inspired them to keep the essence of caring at the forefront of their daily lives and become better leaders.”   9/8/2019   Karen Faulis

How true it is … 
“How true it is that we must be authentic and learn that we have a voice to speak up for our patients and our staff nurses (including our students) and theirs’ and our need for authentic caring. We become whole through caring–giving and receiving. How true it is that we are leaders and we have to exercise this leadership in all we do, as you did and as you shared in your book. It is not easy, as you have outlined, how we can become swallowed up by medicine and the organizations within which we work.”  9/19/2019 Marilyn Ray

Personal and scientific 
“As a surgeon, I found Pat McClendon’s book a refreshing, personable, and illuminating guide towards caring for my patients. She blends memoir with data in a way that solidifies the concepts both in your heart and mind. I and many of my colleagues can relate to the feelings of isolation , lack of purpose, lack of appreciation, and burden – particularly as leaders. Having been a student of a leadership for sometime, I can honestly say a gap in the field has been in the focus of caring. In this book you will discover a set of tools to apply to our medical lives, which will help anyone navigate this ever challenging landscape. Pick this book up if you are a leader of any kind!”  8/13/2019   Dattesh Dave

The author highlights the real reward of nursing
“The author highlights the real reward of nursing, and that is caring. The caring moments between the nurse and the patient changes them both. Caring goes beyond medicine and science it touches the spirit of the giver and the receiver.”  9/2019     Marlienne Goldin

Relevant and important work
“This text is a must read for nurse leaders. Dr. McClendon’s journey through the healthcare system from new graduate to CNO highlights the importance of nurse leaders maintaining a caring, nurse-centric perspective. She offers practical suggestions to integrate caring practices into one’s way of being as a leader. Actually this is a must read for healthcare leaders from across disciplines. Relevant and important work.”    9/2019 Kelly Morrow