Big Doses Of Self-Honesty and Self-Compassion- Tune In!

I’m exposing myself to huge doses of self-honesty. Dagnabbit!  I’m discovering that I  a 66 yo nurse leader who has not been honest with myself a day in my life.  I’m in the midst of writing a memoir about my nurse leadership career. I know that there’s wisdom in there somewhere. Someone said that if you want to get to know yourself, write a memoir.

So I needed some help with  Self-Acceptance and a little Self-Compassion

I’ve published two articles now about nursing and authentic caring. And then there was the article I submitted to AJN in my first year of practicing nursing; it was rejected. Oh, to still have those pieces of paper— this was way before computer days.  I think it was about nurses resisting being swallowed up by the healthcare system and physicians, and remaining true to their real selves.  I’m still at it.  Now I’m here 30 years later surrendering, trying to be honest about how I have been off track for oh so many years, my whole leadership career?

Fear of failure, self-doubt, guilt and shame ….

It’s all a part of nurse leadership and adulthood.

Don’t feel bad, Nurses, It’s not just you!

 Actually in Western cultures, It’s a part of nearly everyone’s adulthood, which is what makes our nursing experiences so full of emotion and angst. 

This will help:  

I have been listening to the 31 spiritual leaders from all over that Sounds True brought together for a Self-Acceptance Summit. It is FREE. Yes, it’s been running since Monday, but there are still 7 more days to tune in and watch and listen. Each day I think, surely this guru is not going to tell me anything new, and BAM, if I don’t hear more pearls of deep wisdom from each session!

If you want to get big doses of:

Self-Help, Self-Care, Self-Compassion

Tune into:

It’s so so so so  Worth it …. 

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