Be Soulful About Yourself

All caring starts with self. The self is at the center of all caring. Like a pebble dropped in a pond. The nurse is the pebble with the intention to care and his or her caring influence ripples outward.


Buddha Healing Vow …

“Heal with your presence”


There is no way around it, our “state of self “influences all around us.

The “state of our presence” is always part of our caring. Our presence always speaks.

“Health care is one of the few professions where ignoring your spouse, significant other, friends, family, yourself for that matter, is still socially acceptable.”                        (Robert Wicks, PhD, Loyola University,  in Helldorfer & Moss)

This statement rings so true for nurses, and all others working in healthcare.

Does this statement ring true for you?

If you are not soulful about yourself…. There is no mistaking that others will feel it from you a good part of the time.

This is the source of compassion fatigue and burnout. Remember, burnout is not about caring too much; it’s about being walled off.

And if you are not soulful about yourself, then you are walled off and emptying your energy tank every day you care for others.

Self-care is how we bring balance and harmony into our daily life to maintain our wellbeing.  OK, OK…. Got it.

But how? And when? And……

Start here….

Just start wherever you are and observe yourself. Assess yourself,   “I’m stressed.”   “why?”      “Ah, that picture makes me feel good. So beautiful.”

Being mindful about yourself is the soulful part of self-care. It’s being aware of how you are feeling, then it evolves into creating a good feeling within yourself in response to a thought, feeling, action, etc.

It starts with mindfulness about you.Unknown

The best self-care is when we have full-time self-awareness. And it starts here.

Self-care is a central ingredient to self-development.

Self-awareness leads to positive results.


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