Authenticity Is All Around – or Not

Authenticity is important.

If we have learned anything else in this crazy election cycle….


We have learned this.

There is a call for authenticity all around us….

Trust is at the root of authenticity.

Bernie Sanders, on the left, stood for authenticity.

Trump, on the right, represents authenticity for some.

And Hillary is mired in it …


Regardless of who you believe or believe in….

the public ground swell on all sides is more raw and passionate,

and the expectation of transparency and authenticity is loud and clear.

I believe that this is good. People always need to be heard,

from the ones who have not felt heard for too long,

to the ones who have just found their voice.

These same dynamics apply to the healthcare system and our patients.


Patients need to be heard and they are finding their voice.

Active engagement of patients in their healthcare decisions and management

save lives, time and money and enables trust, health and healing.

Enabling active patient engagement is our job and is becoming more important than ever.

As patients continue to find their voice and gain literacy in the foreign environment of healthcare, they are expecting more transparency and authenticity.

If this election cycle is an indication of a shift in our society

towards higher expectations of transparency and authenticity

from the ones who hold power and influence in peoples’ lives,

…that would include Nurses.


Americans rate nurses at the top on Honesty and Ethics among Professions

in Gallup surveys year after year.

It is nurses whom patients turn to for truthful information and answers about their healthcare.

What an Honor.



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