I’m Pat McClendon, RN, MSN, DNP
Nurse Leader, Author, Caritas Coach, Death Doula. 


I have 3 passions:
Allowing natural death,   Self-healing,   Nursing/Nurses
… and the thread that runs through them
— humanizing care

Death Doula

Death and dying are not medical events.  They are much more.  Death is a sacred event.  To me, attending to the dying is the deepest of human caring experiences.   As a nurse in the healthcare system, it is difficult to create a soothing environment for people at end of life.

The doula practice humanizes death and dying, and responds to the yearning of so many for a personal, natural, and sacred path.  As a death doula, I help people create life closure and their unique path.

Healing Circles

I’ve been on a self-care path for a long time.  But this last year has shown us that if we are to gain balance and resilience, we must learn to heal together — self, others and the world.  This can only be done through community.

I learned of Healing Circles Global (HCG) a year ago from a colleague. I have been regularly participating ever since, and am now hosting a healing circle for healthcare professionals every Monday — a gift in this extraordinary time of need.

Nursing & Nurses

Nursing is a complex discipline. Its domain is rarely understood by those outside of nursing, and not often talked about in our over-medicalized healthcare system.  We need conversations about nursing and what nurses do in their practice — how they tap into what matters most to people, authentic human connections, inclusion of patient choice in living and dying.

Bringing conversations into everyday work settings about what nurses do makes nurses’ humanization of care real within our medicalized healthcare system.
This is what I learned as a nurse leader and wrote about in my book,  Getting Real About Caring


Formerly a nurse leader from the bedside to a chief nursing officer,
from community hospitals to corporate healthcare organizations,
across four states.

End of Life Coach & Doula – 2020
Conscious Dying Institute

Caritas Coach – 2017
Watson Caring Science Institute

BS in Anthropology and a BSN from the University of Oklahoma;
MSN in Nursing Administration from the University of San Diego;
DNP, Doctorate In Nursing Practice, from the University of Colorado.

Life:   My husband and I grew up and met in Oklahoma, and have lived and worked in Oklahoma, Ohio, Colorado and California.
We now Live in Temecula, California, just outside of San Diego where we enjoy nature daily.
We have two grown daughters who also live in California.