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Oh, man. What a learning experience.   It’s been hurry up, and wait.  And then yesterday was one big hurry up.  My book is now on the market … and available in every book outlet there is, I think.  This is a good thing.

New Website Name – 

The book having such a strong google presence  has made my website name change precarious. I changed the name of my website (again) yesterday to guess what, Getting Real About Caring.   The website name, Making Caring Real, got confusing.  But the search engines in the book outlets are dwarfing my website search and access (my diagnosis). I’ll have to figure that out next week.

The point, there is a lot to learn.

However, my new website header is beautiful!  … don’t you think?

Book Press Release – 

My other learning exercise was to write an official book press release.  So I’m sharing it here with you ….  

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For Immediate Release

Getting Real About Caring

Pat McClendon


How nurse leaders cultivate authentic meaning in their jobs takes many paths, yet there are few stories told.
This is one.

Temecula, California April 9, 2019

From losing her soul to healthcare to a sense of purpose, this nurse leader tells how she navigated her life and career through the complexities of the healthcare industry and reconnected with her authentic self.

ISBN: 9781728303840
• Format: Softcover(B/W) and E-Book • Pages: 146
• Size: 5×8
• List: $13.99

Nurse leaders at all levels will see their roles anew and the possibilities of being a leader of authentic caring. The author offers sage advice in realistic ways nurse leaders can authentically connect with nurses and themselves.

Jean Watson affirms,

  •  “ This work of the author’s journey to conscious leadership … serves as a down to earth focus and direction, relevant and welcome in the daily lifework world of nursing and nurses.”

Nurse leaders acclaim,

  • “I couldn’t put this book down. It was just what I needed – inspiring and helpful.”
  • “A must read for every nurse leader.”

Pat McClendon has been a nurse leader from a charge nurse to a CNO, from community hospitals to corporate health care. Pat’s mission is to help nurse leaders help nurses thrive. She attended the Universities of Oklahoma, San Diego and Colorado; completing a BA in anthropology, a BSN, MSN, and DNP. Pat founded Making Caring Real, an online nurse leader platform and is an Author, Speaker and Caritas Coach. Pat will be presenting at the IAHC annual conference in May at Clemson University.

  • Pat McClendon, RN, DNP, MSN
  • 719.332.3037

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