A Nurse’s Mindset

A mindset is a set of attitudes and beliefs held by someone.*

Mindsets can and do drive assumptions, perspectives, decision-making, behaviors, etc.

Our mindsets influence how we live life. images

Are there Nurse Specific Mindsets?

For example:

  • Barriers to caring in daily practice make it difficult to routinely connect with patients in meaningful ways
  • Authentic caring capabilities come with the nurse, stay with the nurse, and require no further personal development throughout their careers
  • Caring science is inspiring, but not realistic in practice
  • Burnout is related to caring too much, and being able to give it too little
  • Nurses are on their own in providing their personal development
  • Self-care is good and done outside of work


To what extent do each these beliefs resonate with nurses individually and collectively?

To what extent do each of these beliefs permeate our practice world?

To what extent do each of these beliefs trap us?


* New Oxford American Dictionary
Dweck CS. Mindset; The New Psychology of Success. New York: Ballantine Books; 2006.

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