A Nurse Wellbeing Bundle

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a set of sure-fire tools that could help you as nurses traverse your complex work environments in such a way that the process would enhance your nursing practice and your sense of self as a nurse?

We’ve established that it can be overwhelming for nurses to manage the internal world and the external world where the demands of nursing and our complex healthcare system reside. And to manage these simultaneously, with the risks and stakes increasing, is challenging.

To answer this call, the goal is to pull together a set of best practices, that are proven to trigger positive feelings and behaviors, have a wide appeal, would be user friendly for busy nurses, and are so simple they can be used in any setting.

These practices would deepen your self-efficacy, improve your practice, help you understand your work environment better and nourish your work relationships.

That’s what the Bundle for Nurse Wellbeing is designed to achieve.

We are familiar with bundles. The IHI (Institute for HC Improvement) developed bundles for clinical use in the ‘90s.   A bundle is a set of research based interventions to be performed uniformly. Simply, a bundle is a mechanism to create good habits.

This Bundle for Nurse Wellbeing models that idea. The intention here is to provide a set of tools for nurses to create new and healthier mindsets and behavior habits.

The Bundle for Nurse Wellbeing pulls together evidence based principles and skills from self-awareness, mindfulness and self-care.

These three skills are from the core of many behavioral and mindbodyspirit best practices. By adopting simple, easy and potentially habitual practices that can grow self-awareness, mindfulness and self-care skills, you can start to enjoy a healthier inner space for your nurse self.

It comes down to…

Be Aware           Be Mindful             Be Well


( IHI bundles – http://www.ihi.org/topics/bundles/Pages/default.aspx.)


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