A Celebratory Journey – Bringing Voice To How Nurses Care


My new Ebook,  Bringing Voice To How Nurses Care

is my Celebratory Journey through Watson’s Caring Science Institute’s  Caritas Coaching Program.

There are a few core things that I discovered or were reinforced in this Caritas journey:

  • Caritas, authentic, heart-centered caring is organic
  • It is based on our love for humanity
  • It is primarily focused in moments. These are  nurses’ uniquely subtle caring therapies that are episodic and momentary, and are based on instant trust and connection.  (These arise from patient’s state of vulnerability that open them up to deep momentary authentic connections, which they otherwise would not be open to)

Caritas does not take a lot of time,

but it does take a lot of heart

What we can do to help ourselves and other nurses is to start talking about these authentic caring moments.

Start asking, listening, thinking and wondering ,,,,  to gain comfort and wisdom in our uniqueness in these moments.

We don’t have to be Caritas gurus; we can just be present.

This is nursing’s unique contribution to patients, society and humanity and to ourselves.

I have always known that the way nurses care and connect with patients can be sacred. These connections are symbolic of holding peoples’ lives and hearts—in their most vulnerable states—in the palms of our hands in brief moments in time. These momentary connections with a nurse can create a sense of wellbeing and healing for a patient that can be lasting.

There is much more in my Bringing Voice To How Nurses Care book.

You can access it by signing onto Saving Nurses website.

Happy Nurses Week

It Is An Honor To Be A Nurse 

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