A Birthday Blessing

Our first grandchild was born this past Saturday, Oct 5.

Her name is Ruby Rose.

These are my birth day blessings to her, taken from A Birthday Blessing.

May you find, in your life’s journey,

many pleasant places from which

to watch and enjoy the pageant

of existence — porches, window seats,

nooks, river banks, bowers, balconies

and perfectly placed windows.


Let there be frequent

and fine conversations,

… and quiet times with friends,

when words are not needed,

and the rustle of leaves,

or the movement of water,

seems the central fact of existence.


Make sure there are flowers everywhere

in your life—in your yard, at your door,

on your table by your window.


I hope for you

rich and attainable daydreams,

… and night dreams in which you

adventure grandly, and reach both

understanding and solution.


Let there be plentiful books,

and the leisure to read them.


Let this birthday be an opening into a

more glorious existence.


Would that I could give you infinite

birthdays and time unmeasured,

but instead I send you a sense of the

freedom from time that can be achieved

by those who fully embrace

each moment.


A Birthday Blessing, by Welleran Poltarnees, Blue Lantern Books, 1998

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