3 Forces That Change Caring

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3 Forces That Change Caring For Nurses 

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Blog post:

There are three powerful forces calling for more caring in today’s healthcare system.

The significance of the emergence of these three forces at the peak of analytical and technological dominance in healthcare cannot be underestimated.

These forces change caring for nurses and will propel widespread change.

These forces originate from within our society,  our patients and nurses.

The 1st force – Wellness Consciousness images-22 copy

Wellness awareness has entered healthcare. Society is changing and it’s changing healthcare. Society’s needs are shifting from all things rational and technological to wellness. Society is bringing mindbodyheartspirit needs, desires and expectations into healthcare. This calls for deeper relationships and more authentic care experiences.

The 2nd force – Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction measurements validate nursing’s value & impact on patients. It is now understood in the healthcare industry that it is the nurse who has the greatest impact on the imagespatient’s care experience and satisfaction scores.  In fact, the overall hospital patient satisfaction scores are directly related to nurses’ domain scores. Meaning, if the services delivered by nurses get high scores, the overall hospital scores are sure to be high.  These scores also have a positive impact on hospital revenue.


The 3rd force –  Untapped Authentic Caring Capacity Within Nurses

The journey to caring for nurses starts with their original desire to care for others.  Nurses yearn to connect more often with patients on meaningful levels in our current healthcare images-8 copysystem.  Caring science has advanced our knowledge of caring.  Yet there is a gap.  Many nurses do not think it is possible to care on deeper levels and more authentically  in their current work environments, despite the knowledge and inspiration from caring science.   Our mission is to close the gap and learn to access the untapped source for authentic caring within each nurse.

These forces shed light on our core need for authentic caring, and open the door to  expanded use of authentic caring.  The forces are moving healthcare in the direction of nursing’s domain and  puts a spotlight on nurses. These forces give nurses and nurse leaders a platform to give voice to authentic caring and its benefits for all. This is an opportunity to make known the depth of caring science, caring consciousness and its contributions to nursing practice, healthcare and humanity.

Expansion of authentic caring among nurses and within organizations can inspire disruptions in caring programs. These programs can serve nurses in their internal mastery of caring, and respond to the growing demands from patient satisfaction and wellness consciousness.

Through authentic caring development, nurses bring more meaning and satisfaction to nursing practice, which can prevent compassion fatigue, burnout, moral despair and attrition.  Nurses’ careers will be sustained and nurses overall lives will be enriched.



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