2 Mind-Benders About Happiness

There are 2 Recent Mind-benders about Happiness that I Must Share …  

I have read a few books along the way about happiness, but these points surprised me. Here are the 2 mind-benders:

First Mind-bender        I had always thought of happiness to be a momentary, non-substantive feeling.  That is until I saw this statement by Gandhi.  

Holy Moly, was I surprised ! Gandhi.

Given the number of memes of this … I may be the last person on earth to have seen this.  Oh well, I’m glad I’ve caught up.

And there is an added thing about this statement …

These are the same elements of authenticity.

Total alignment of thoughts, words and actions = authenticity. 

Again, mind-bending … I had not put happiness and authenticity in the same arena.  I do now!

Second Mind-bender       The happiness model we’re all so used to is backwards.   

Yes, this point is embedded in the wellness learnings.     But BAM!      I hadn’t really seen it this way until I read The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha. 

Happiness is NOT :    Great Work    ⇒    Big Success    ⇒   Be Happy

Happiness IS :              Be Happy      ⇒     Great Work   ⇒   Big Success

You may think, ‘dah’.  But for me, I needed this visual crispness.

Here’s what Pasricha says:

By putting “Be Happy” first,  Everything changes.  If we start with being happy, then we feel great. We look great. We exercise.  We connect. What happens? We end up up doing great work because we feel great doing it. What does great work lead to?  Big success. Massive feelings of accomplishment and the resulting ……

Here are the wellness teachings that we are all so familiar with that help us Be Happy First:

  1. Pursue meaning
  2. Smile and laugh more and more and more
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others
  4. Stop the “should’s”
  5. Be mindful of the present
  6. Recall positive memories – study them, journal them
  7. Practice gratitude

The lesson learned:

Happiness cannot be made.   Happiness rises from within, through self-care, inner work and lifelong learning.    And from there, everything else follows.

Here’s wishing us all to   Be Happy ! 

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