You Can Be the Leader Everyone Loves And Respects


Good Morning Saving Nurses followers,

This has been a time of considering, which fork in the road should I take in helping nurses?

Recently, several of my nurse advisors have strongly suggested that I focus on nurse leaders as this road would have a greater impact on nurses.   And my argument has been that growth in self-awareness and self-care is universally needed for all nurses.

But when I arrived at the importance and fundamentals of Love, and how it is the universal force sustaining each of us in nursing, life, and yes, even leadership, the disparity between Love and leadership jumped out at me, and now I know that this is my path.

Just to start, look at the competing worlds and forces nurses live in! Of course, you know this.

But as a leader in nursing and healthcare for decades … I did not fully realize the impact of the business world in separating me from the fundamental forces in nursing.

And so this Love in Leadership path begins.

I say again, nurses have one of the most difficult jobs in the most complex industry – healthcare. In the midst of the pressures, nurses are responsible for deep authentic caring rooted in love for humanity.

But that’s not how nurse leaders lead. Our leadership reflects the business model.

This adds to the confusion and tensions that both nurses and leaders already experience everyday associated with the disparities between nursing and medicine. And now I see that business principles separate nurse leaders even further from the universality of Love and how it drives nurses and nursing practice.

Now that I see Love in nursing, I see how leadership took me further away from it.

Thank you to those of you who already knew this and are leading the way back.

Love is at the core of nursing and its caring and humanity.

Love can provide a clear and constructive foundation for nurse leaders to connect with nurses, revolutionize their influence, and grow love.

You Can Be the Leader Everyone Loves And Respects

Lets Go There!

4 thoughts on “You Can Be the Leader Everyone Loves And Respects

  1. cindy Atwell says:

    I will incorporate this into my instruction of student nurses. Any additional words of wisdom or tips you can give me for our new upcoming nurses would be greatly appreciated

    1. pmcclendon says:

      Cindy, I do love that you are interested in incorporating use of love leadership and language with caring language with students. And I will be providing the “how does this work in daily practice” tips as we expand this conversation.
      Love you, pat

  2. Jean watson says:

    Pat inspired intellect and passion for transformation of consciousness for love as the source for leadership and life itself! Please continue this path!!’ Much love!

    1. pmcclendon says:

      Thank you, Jean. You carved the path.

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