End of Life is not a medical event.  It is deeply personal for each person and loved ones.

Where we die and the choices involved are within our control.  We can restore end of life (EOL) to its natural place.  This is the role of an EOL doula.

I’m Pat McClendon, RN and EOL Doula.
Greater San Diego area and Temecula.
Available in person and on Zoom.

Email or Call – 719.332.3037

Healing Circles are rooted in ancestral gatherings around campfires.
Circles are an invitation to leave the outer world behind, step into a safe, accepting community, and listen, explore and access inner guidance.

In this unusually stressful time for nurses, it’s important to know that you are not alone.  Experience the power of deep community in Healing Circles.  Healing Circles Global is hosting several series for healthcare workers.

I invite you to join a healing circle with me on Mondays.  Supporting Healthcare 5: Caring for professionals,  Every Monday, 4:00PM to 5:00PM PDT.
Register here :   Healing Circles Global for Healthcare 

Nurses’ presence with patients in their most vulnerable moments has never been so public.  Nursing’s contribution to humanity has never been so vivid.  Nursing is a complex discipline.   Its domain is rarely understood by those outside of nursing, and not often talked about in our over-medicalized healthcare system.

Bringing conversations into everyday work settings about what nurses do makes nurses’ humanization of care real and tangible, and teaches us how to talk about it.

This is what I learned as a nurse leader and wrote about in my book,  Getting Real About Caring